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Mr. Howard Boone was on the first ever team to play football for the Hendersonville COMMANDOS. The 95 year old Boone, who was instrumental in Hendersonville High School getting their own football team in 1941, recently passed. His story along with his 1941 teammates can be found more in Coach Jim Lind’s book ‘The First Commandos’. The COMMANDOfootball team meant a lot to Mr. Boone and the current team was named honorary pallbearers at his funeral, former head coach Bruce Hatfield along with current team member as well as Mr. Boone’s great-grandson Bryce Carroll were pallbearers at the funeral. The current coaches and team members attended the funeral to pay their respects and honor a man that had so much to do with us having a football program at Hendersonville High School. The program would like to thank Mr. Boone’s family for allowing us to be part of his funeral and extend our sympathy as our community loses such a special person.

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