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Hendersonville played their final regular season home game against their oldest rival, the Gallatin Green Wave. #82 Austin Halas finished the night with 11 tackles that included 5.5 sacks helping keep the Green Wave off the scoreboard while #20 Nate Hancock would have some explosive offensive plays helping Hendersonville find the endzone 5 times. HHS led 14-0 at halftime before 21 points in the 3rd quarter helped propel the COMMANDOS to the 35-0 victory.

Gallatin would get the first possession of the night as Hendersonville kicked off to begin the game. The Green Wave would get a drive going on their first series by converting two 3rd downs with passes. Their drive would end with a mistake after getting into HHS territory a bad snap would lead to the first COMMANDO turnover as #53 Marcus Thomas would recover the fumble giving HHS the ball for the first time. Hancock and #2 Drew Hohenbrink would each pick up first downs on the ground before Hohenbrink scored the first touchdown of the night with a 20 yard run. #97 Ashton Dodd would connect on the PAT to put HHS up 7-0. The Black & Gold defense would force a 3 & out on the ensuing possession. On the 2nd snap of this series for Hendersonville, Hancock would have a 40 yard reception before a penalty on Hendersonville would back them up and they would eventually call on Dodd to punt. The punt would put Gallatin inside their own 10 yard line. Halas would have his first sack on the 2nd Green Wave snap helped out by #87 Robert Christian and #51 JD Jordan, but Gallatin would convert a 3rd and long as the 1st quarter came to a close.

GHS would pick up another 1st down on the ground before another sack by Halas would help force a punt. On this series for HHS, Hancock would set up the COMMANDOS with a 1st and goal as he took the ball 68 yards on a 3rd and long situation. Following the big play by Hancock, #15 Dalton Jones would get into the endzone with a 6 yard TD run to put HHS up 14-0. Halas would get to the Gallatin quarterback again on this series, but again the Green Wave would have a 3rd down conversion. Christian would come up with another HHS turnover by getting an interception to give HHS the ball. The COMMANDOS could not take advantage of this turnover as they would punt after 3 plays. GHS would try to put points on the board before halftime, as they picked up a 1st down before converting a 4th down to keep their drive going, but HHS would have 3 sacks on this Green Wave offensive series with Jordan combining with #8 Brent Rowe for one of them and Halas getting the other two, the 2nd sack by Halas would be the final play of the first half as the teams broke with Hendersonville up 14-0.

Rowe would return the 2nd half kickoff to the 45 yard line and Hendersonville would get going on offense as #32 Derek Kincaid would gain a 1st down on the ground. Hohenbrink would pass to Halas on a 38 yard reception to set up a 1st and goal. Hohenbrink would finish the drive with a 1 yard TD run. Hendersonville would get the ball right back as #16 Justin Coleman would recover the ensuing kickoff. On the 3rd snap, Hohenbrink would connect with #14 Issiah Chandler for a 39 yard passing touchdown as HHS extended their lead to 28-0. The COMMANDO defense would be ready to start the 2nd half as Jones and #76 Wilson Higgs would combine for a tackle for loss on the 1st play before HHS would get another quarterback sack, this time it would be Jones getting help from Halas as Gallatin would have to punt after 3 plays. HHS would drive the ball to the endzone again with Hohenbrink getting a 1st down run to start the drive before Jones converted a 4th down. Hohenbrink would have a 26 yard TD called back by penalty, but Kincaid would score for HHS with a 17 yard run making the score 35-0.

Gallatin’s next drive would go into the 4th quarter as they picked a first down by run before converting a 3rd down with a pass. A tackle for loss by Higgs and a sack by Thomas would force a punt by the Green Wave. Hendersonville would eat up a lot of clock on this offensive possession as Rowe picked up a 1st down before #35 Stevie Mack and #21 Jackson Alford would do the same. The drive would end deep in GHS territory with Hendersonville unable to convert on a 4th down. Gallatin would only have 2 snaps before time ran out.

Hendersonville (6-2) has two Region 4-6A game left in the season and both will be on the road. TheCOMMANDOS will be off next week and then will travel to Rossview (6-2) on October 19. Kickoff at Rossview will be at 7:00. The JV team finished their season last week as they got a 14-7 victory at Wilson Central to finish with a 3-2 overall record. The Freshman team also finished their season on Thursday night with a 41-6 win at Memorial Stadium over Gallatin. The victory made the Freshman team’s final record 4-3 for the season.


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