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Hendersonville started the 2020 season on the road and fell to the Oakland Patriots. HHS would get the ball first and after being stopped, they would pick up a first down with a fake punt, but it would be called back due to penalty. OHS would waste no time putting points on the board as they would score with a 25-yard run to go up 0-7. After #10 Ellis Ellis picked up a first down, the COMMANDOS would be forced to punt again. The Black & Gold defense would force a 3 & out. 1st down runs by #13 Jack Brown and #3 Keion Stafford would get HHS moving, but after back to back fumbles, Oakland would have the ball and capitalize on the turnover with a 32 yard TD pass to take a two score lead. After getting a turnover of their own by #1 Jameson Wharton, HHS would drive the ball with runs by #8 Brent Rowe and Ellis before settling for a 28-yard field goal by #27 Andrew Martin to cut the lead. HHS would give up another TD before halftime to go into the break, down 3-21. The COMMANDOS would force a punt on the first drive of the 2nd half before giving up a 26-yard TD run. Hendersonville with the first touchdown of the season as Rowe scored on a 65-yard run to cut into the lead making the score 10-28. That is as close as Hendersonville would get as they would give up two more touchdowns and fieldgoal to make the final score 10-42. HHS (0-1) will host Giles County (0-1) for the first home game of the season next week.



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