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Hendersonville got knocked out of the TSSAA class 6A playoffs in the 2nd round as they fell 0-28 in Ray Hughes Stadium to the Oakland Patriots. The COMMANDOS fought hard but the top ranked Midstate team proved to be too much as Hendersonville finishes the season with an 8-4 overall record.

HHS kicked off to begin, and the game would not start well for the COMMANDOS as they would give up a 50 yard TD run on the 3rd play of the game. Down 0-7, Hendersonville would go 3 & out on their first possession. The Black & Gold defense would settle down after the big play and force the Patriots to go 3 & out on the their 2nd offensive series helped out with a tackle for loss by #25 Jacob Newton. Hendersonville would look to have something started offensive, but a nice 1st down run by #32 Derek Kincaid would be called back due to penalty and HHS would again punt after 3 plays. A tackle for loss by #8 Brent Rowe assisted by #69 Dylan Cunningham would help the COMMANDO defense force an OHS punt after 3 plays. Hendersonville would finally gain a 1st own after this punt as Hancock would pick up a 1st down on the ground for the COMMANDOS as time in the 1st quarter ran down with HHS down 0-7.

#15 Dalton Jones would pick up another HHS first down by converting a 4th down as Hendersonville moved the ball down the field. After getting inside the 20 yard line, HHS would turn the ball over with a fumble. The COMMANDO defense would come up big forcing the Patriots to punt from their own endzone, but the punter would run the ball for a 1st down on a fake. After getting a fresh set of downs, a long run by Oakland would get the ball inside the 20 yard line. The drive would end with a 1 yard TD run making the score 0-14. Following the kickoff, HHS would be sacked on 3rd down forcing them to punt from their own endzone. Oakland would start this drive 38 yard from the endzone, but after #20 Nate Hancock broke up a 3rd down pass, another punt would be coming. HHS could not field the punt and it would stop rolling at the 1 yard line on the wet field. Hendersonville’s running back would slip down on a 3rd down run as HHS would again have to punt from their own endzone. This Oakland drive would start 32 yards from the endzone. After playing tough for 2 plays, the COMMANDOSwould give up a 32 yard touchdown run. The score would now be 0-21 as the 1st half was almost over. #2 Drew Hohenbrink would pick up a first down on the ground before halftime came.

The COMMANDOS would begin with the ball in the 2nd half, and Kincaid would get HHS moving with a 1st down run. Another 1st down run by Kincaid would be called back due to penalty and Hendersonville would punt. Oakland would gain a 1st down on their 1st possession of the 2nd half, but then Cunningham and #15 Dalton Jones would get a tackle for loss which would help HHS force a punt. Hendersonville would get the ball moving following the punt as Hohenbrink would gain a 1st down on the ground before connecting with #14 Issiah Chandler through the air for a 1st down. Hohenbrink would run for another 1st down as HHS moved into Patriot territory. The promising drive would end prematurely as Hendersonville would turn the ball over with an interception.

Oakland’s next drive would go into the 4th quarter but would only last three plays as HHS forced another punt with #82 Austin Halas combining with #22 Will Batson on a 3rd down sack. Hohenbrink would connect with #7 Logan Spurrier for a 1st down pass before HHS had to punt. Oakland would begin to move the ball on their next drive before Rowe came up with an interception on a tipped pass by #87 Robert Christian. Hohenbrink would again have a 1st down run before HHS turn the ball over on downs. Oakland would score on the next drive with a long TD pass late in the 4th quarter to take a 0-28 lead. The clock would run out on the COMMANDOS next possession ending their season.

Hendersonville finishes their season with an 8-4 record. The program would like to thank the players, parents, and community for all the support throughout the season. HHS would also like to wish the Patriots good luck as their seasons continues.


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