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24th Annual Lift a thon

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

The 24th Annual Commando Quarterback Club Lift-A-Thon will be on Thursday, March 12th. It will be help at the Fieldhouse (or Track) beginning at 5:30 for upcoming 9th grade and 6:30 for Varsity. The money generated will help support our team next season, plus maintain Steven Chaussey Fieldhouse. This facility is used year round by the Football, Softball, Baseball, Wrestling, JROTC, Golden Girls and Soccer teams. Our Lift-A-Thon is based on 4 major lifts (bench, squat, clean and incline). We ask our players to collect flat donations or a pledge per pound. We appreciate your interest and support of Hendersonville High School. With your help, our athletic teams will continue to have great facilities. All pledges are due by March 12th.

You can donate online at:



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